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The Fall Leaves Are Changing and So Are We

Fall is fast approaching; time will fall back, and we will all move just a little bit slower. While that may be true, 2022 has flown by swiftly. It’s almost unbelievable in fact, how fast the year has passed by.

My 41st birthday just passed, and I found Myself, as we tend to do around our birthdays, re-evaluating My life and relationships. Looking around, I realized that I didn’t have close connections with the same people, I had waning interest in places and things that meant so much to Me before.

Most importantly, I noticed My wants, needs and boundaries expanding. Not only did I start looking at how much My life has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, but the blessings that came from slowing down during the height of it.

I went through a major bout of depression as 2022 began; it took until spring for Me to realize that My depression had stemmed from how much My life had changed without My permission. That led to Me taking a serious look at My life, questioning what I could control. The one thing I could control was My reaction to other people’s actions and whatever situations I found Myself in.

That changed everything for Me.

I started making concerted efforts to soften My tone, My responses and take action on things that had caused Me chaos mentally or emotionally.

As the fall leaves start to change, I encourage you to start to look back over the past 8 months of the year and ask yourself are you happy with your connections, your goals and/or progress this year.

It’s also a great time to reflect on how you and your life circumstances have changed over the year and set your intentions for 2023.

Feel free to comment below and share your reflection with Me.

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