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Setting Goals and Accountability Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

2020 Threw Us For a Loop, Time to Get it Together

2021 has officially started. It is a new year and while we will face new challenges, we all come in with a few from 2020 left over. If nothing more, the current pandemic has changed nearly all our ways of life.

Last year, I, like many, started the year with a list of things I would do, places I would see, goals I’d accomplish etc. just to see our best laid plans thrown into a tailspin as we and the world adjusted to the crisis we jointly faced.

There's Much to Do, How Will You Plan For 2021?

Last year is gone, while 2021 carries some of the remnants of last year, it is indeed, a new year full of new opportunities. 2021 brings us all an opportunity to pick back up the things we put down, restart goals we laid aside thinking we wait until “after the pandemic” and become a better version of ourselves.

I have laid out My 2021 goals in a way that regardless of what happens around Me, I can still see My personal growth, progress and goals accomplished.

A Few of My goals for 2021 include refocusing on My writing. I have been slacking; I used to write articles daily, in fact, I was writing so much and for enough platforms, that writing was paying a few of My monthly bills. I stopped writing when I got overwhelmed with life, having no one to hold Me accountable, I feared I would never get back to it.

This Year I Will Be Accountable to Myself and My Goals

Just as I made My resolve that not only would I write more this year, but I would find someone to hold Me accountable, did the universe provide an answer to My needs. This week I joined XONecole’s online community, it is a paid community that will allow Me access to her, a writer I have idolized for years, but also many other opportunities.

I have joined a women of color writing group and plan to start being active there, networking with other writers who care about similar topics as I do, share similar goals and making writer friends. There’s accountability and support built in.

That is just one example of how I refuse to let Myself sit in one place this year letting it pass by Me as I did much of 2020. This year I take My life back and I do not just say it, I plan to make it reality.

From My new morning schedule to My new daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of tasks and goals I am locked and loaded and ready to go after not only everything I want, but everything I deserve as well.

I am sure I am not the only one who has declared that she will reclaim her time, schedule, and life in 2021.

· How are YOU planning on being the best version of yourself in 2021?

· Have you made a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to help you accomplish your 2021 goals?

· How will you hold yourself accountable?

· What are the top 3 things that you plan to accomplish in 2021?


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