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On Tuesday's We Write! Therapeutic Writing Prompts Inside

One of My favorite things to do every week is host My free weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity, Therapeutic Writing & Meditation.

For Over Three Years I've Taught Therapeutic Writing for Free

I've been teaching Writing for My Sanity for over three years in the Baltimore area. When the pandemic hit us in March of last year, I paused the workshop for a month thinking we'd be back in the building. We weren't; instead, I had to turn to zoom like everyone else.

Zoom turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Yes, we lost some of our regulars when we migrated to the internet but so many from our global community have now been able to tune in every week to write and heal with Me for absolutely free.

Having Community Support Matters

It's no secret that one of the main reasons I started Stronger Than My Struggles was because I needed community support after losing My therapist who was My only source od support at the time. The first thing I did once we had office space, was create this workshop which I named after My book of poetry, Writing For My Sanity: Emotions Purged By the Pen which can be found on Amazon at

I've had the honor of helping hundreds of residents from Baltimore and the DMV area, since we've went virtual, we've had attendees from Ghana, Canada, The UK, and even The Netherlands.

I Want To Share Some Therapeutic Writing Prompts With You

For those of you who have never joined us online or in person, I've decided to start occasionally sharing some of the weekly writing prompts here through My blog. Click the link below to view all of our writing prompts from Tuesday, January 5, 2021, I've put them together in a PDF.

We also have an active community on Facebook. Join us

Want to write with us? Join us every Tuesday 3-6 p.m. eastern via zoom by clicking HERE. Same link, same time every week so book mark it and come join in the writing, healing, loving, laughing and fun.


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