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4 Ways to Avoid Burnout for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur on ‘team no-sleep’? Have you found yourself running around from event to event to get the photo op and social media proof that you’re capable of meeting the most fascinating people? Are you busy and making progress in your work, yet still finding yourself drained and unhappy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be experiencing career burnout. It’s easy to get caught up in the perpetual motion of business, especially today where it seems businesses never close, opportunities knock endlessly, and fame is just a viral post away.

Sadly, career burnout hits many the hardest when they reach their peak. Just as things are all coming together, suddenly, it all falls apart. This can make us feel like a failure at the tings we’re best at; the truth is we’re nothing close to failures. In fact, we’re overachievers and that can cause us major problems as we climb the success ladder.

Knowing how much time and energy goes into creating or running a business, we will still, against our better judgement, attempt to appease the masses. How many times have you taken on a project you didn’t want to take, or thought was against your better judgement and it turned out to be more headache than it was worth? We’ve all been there.

Sometimes, others guilt us into taking on more than we want, or should, at other times, success drives us past rationale. In either scenario, it’s dangerous. To avoid career burnout as a creative or entrepreneur, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Stay true to yourself and your intentions. Others will see your gifts and talents and ask you to use them to your benefit. They may be people you love and know well, such as a relative or even your pastor. Look within before agreeing to things. If you wouldn’t agree to it for someone you didn’t know, thing twice and think again before answering.

  • Exercise time management tools and skills. Career burnout will creep up on you a lot faster if you don’t utilize great time management. Planning enough time between meetings and events, time to rest, complete projects etc is extremely necessary. Without proper time management, you may find yourself running from event to meeting, forgetting things, in a bad mood and more.

  • No one can build a great business alone. We all need support, whether paid staff or volunteers, allow someone to help you. Contrary to popular belief, we can not do it all ourselves. Attempting to, is one of the quickest ways to burn not only your energy, but your creativity. DO what you do best, allow someone else to do the rest.

  • Make time to live a fulfilling life. I know the internet makes your competitors look like they never sleep. No worries. Life will not end if you take the day off to relax, spend time with your family, catch a movie. Don’t let your work become all you have in life, remember the things that make you smile and laugh. Get out and smell the flowers, go on a trip, read a book, whatever makes you happy. Life, work, stress, it will all be here when you return.

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