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Have You Caught Up on My Recent Interviews?

I experienced a huge life shift around this time last year, I lost My closest friend, finished up a project that took nearly everything out of Me and had a slight breakdown. I retreated into Myself for a while when I wasn't working directly with clients.

I've been very intentional in 2020 about how I network. I've had the pleasure of giving two of My most in-depth and fulfilling interviews in recent months. I've listened to both repeatedly, marveling and My strength, persistence and faith. In case you've missed them, check out My latest two interviews below.

I was recently featured on the Screwed Up Moments podcast by the Happiness Initiative. I think it's one of the deepest interviews I've ever given. Releasing the things that I did, gave Me such a sense of freedom. Check the interview out HERE.

Likewise, I sat down with Dr. April Lisbon for Different Brains to discuss living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and other emotional instabilities.

I'd love to know what you think after watching/listening to them both.

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