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Do You Write Regularly? Join Me Every Tuesday for A Live Journaling Workshop.

Writing has saved My life so may times. No matter whether journaling for My own recollection, blogging to inspire others or working on My next book, I love to write.

In fact, growing up in a house full of emotional, mental and physical abuse, I spent the majority of My time with My head buried in a book reading or writing My own thoughts. I can't tell you how many days or night that I spent curled up in a corner reading, imagining Myself far away from the reality of My life. I know that as numerous as they were, even more were spent filling the pages of diaries and journals, creating My own version of a happy future.

I often see those social media posts asking "If you were in the job field that you dreamed of as a child, what would you be?" I'm grateful to say that I'd be exactly where I am today, a writer who teaches others to escape through the power of the written word.

I recently celebrated an important anniversary, the three year benchmark for teaching My free weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity. After teaching the workshop live in Baltimore for two and a half years, Covid-19 allowed Me the opportunity to expand that workshop by leading it online. It's been exciting to see newcomers join us and become family almost immediately.

I was always told, if you can't find what you seek, create it. Like the community that came with Stronger Than My Struggles, what I have created through Writing for My Sanity is something I had sought for years. Even as I was ending therapy I was constantly asking My therapist to find Me a support group; I finally started My own.

Weekly, we journal, we cry, we laugh and more importantly, through hearing others share, we realize we are not alone. We even have an active online Writing for My Sanity Community on Facebook. Join us on Zoom every Tuesday from 3-6 p.m. eastern. Click HERE to join us.

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