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Coach Mel Talks the Business Behind Invisible Illness

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Louisa "Wizzi" Magnussen of Wiz-Media to talk about the business behind My invisible illnesses.

Like many others, when I was diagnosed with My illnesses and labeled legally disabled, I felt My professional career was over; I couldn't see how I could go on along the path I had been traveling career wise. I was constantly fighting My limitations. It took years of therapy as well as deep shadow work to accept that My life had permanently changed at only 29 years old.

For years, because so many others counted Me out, I did too. Launching Stronger Than My Struggles in 2017 was literally Me laughing in the face of depression and My illnesses daily while daring others to do the same.

In this international podcast interview we discuss

  • My late life diagnosis and how it effectively freed Me from the stories other had told Me about Myself and our interactions

  • Using My disability as a superpower to help others struggling with invisible illnesses

  • The mission behind Stronger Than My Struggles and the need for a community of survivors focused on thriving

  • Our weekly international therapeutic writing workshop

  • My life-changing life transition coaching programs

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