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Who Is Coach Melony?

Melony Hill has made it her mission to curate safe spaces to have hard conversations, especially in urban and other under-served communities.


Recognized as a survivor many times over; harnessing her drive and tenacity for strength in the face of adversity, Melony has become a role model for others who feel that life’s circumstances had knocked them out of the game.


In 2017, she founded Stronger Than My Struggles, a mission-based organization with a focus on Black mental health and wellness. Melony created this platform as a foundation of support for survivors from all walks of life.


What followed, was the publication of eight books under her own brand, leading to a feature by iconic  TIME Magazine. Melony has openly shared her battle with mental instability, chronic pain and a past that included various forms of abuse. Using her life experience and business savvy to her advantage, Melony was able to launch a transformational speaking and life transition coaching business.


Between her coaching programs,and weekly workshops, Melony has been instrumental in the life transition of nearly 300 survivors since 2017.


In May 2019 Melony launched the Crazy Like a Fox Tour, the first ever Black mental health awareness tour. Hard work pays off, while on her groundbreaking tour, Melony was honored to win Literary Trailblazer of the Year at the 2019 Indie Author Legacy Awards. Soon after, she was presented with commendations from both the mayor of Baltimore and borough president of Brooklyn, New York. 

During and since the pandemic, Melony focused on connecting with NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore. Since, she has become a NAMI Ambassador, trainer for Peer-to-Peer course as well a speaker , leading Ending the Stigma and speaking for the In Our Own Voice presentations.

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"It's so easy to blame or mindset or circumstances on what others have done, but that doesn't allow much room for growth. Only when we stop to assess our own behavior and part in each situation, can we truly grow past blame into accountability and constant growth."

- Coach Melony

The Mission I Fight For

As a 8x author, safe space curator and life transition coach for survivors, I support survivors from all walks of life and high-functioning sufferers of emotional & invisible illnesses. Through My signature programs, I guide them in breaking free of stigma, stereotypes and shame associated with their past and/or illness. My clients are able to process trauma better, creation action plans to work through anxiety, depression and low self-esteem as well as break past barriers their minds have created, keeping them from showing up as the person they know they are inside. 

I'm here to help survivors break past their limiting beliefs, live freer, and create abundance and peace in their lives; a life of purpose and passion!

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